My Natural Hair Journey – Lifelong Natural ONCE stuck at 4 inches of growth {VIDEO}

My natural hair journey is a long one. It is filled with twists turns, loss and finally growth.

I am inclined to share my natural hair growth story finally because it seems as though many of my subscribers on my YouTube Channel ife360TV did not know that I have always been natural.

Why did I remain Natural?

From a young age, I have always known that the hair that grows out of my head is what I will have to deal with as long as I lived in my mother’s house. My parents were extremely strict when it came to ensuring that we understood our African heritage even though our ancestors were forcibly removed from their place of origin. We knew that staying connected to our roots meant that our naturally curly hair would be the only thing that we would have to deal with.

For years to maintain our hair, my grandmother would cornrow or canerow as Trinidadians would say, every single Sunday. We would wash our hair that Sunday, make our way over to her house 30 minutes to get our hair greased and laid down in intricate styles.