DIY | How to make Flaxseed Gel! {VIDEO} – THICKEST Homemade GEL

How to make Flaxseed Gel, the THICKEST GEL EVER!

This is the Thickest Homemade DIY Flaxseed Gel recipe that I have ever made. I am going to show you how to make it! Flaxseed is also called linseed and it is not only great for our bodies but for natural hair it has awesome benefits too!

how to make flaxseed gel thicker

I also show you how to preserve flaxseed gel in the freezer for easy use later and how to get the nutritional benefits of the flaxseeds after use.

After doing the 100 coats of flaxseed gel challenge, I decided to show you all how I made the flaxseed gel. This gel has become a staple in the natural hair community and it is made with two simple ingredients flaxseed gel and  water.

Of course you can customize it and add your essential oils but let’s keep it simple for this tutorial. Flaxseed gel has vitamins for your hair to help it grow but it’s also used as a natural hair gel so that it can provide great hold and excellent slip.

This gel is a great source of nutrients for your hair. It’s filled with vitamins and minerals that can help with hair growth and strengthening your hair strands.

How to Preserve Flaxseed Gel

After making my flaxseed gel I usually …well, I always have lots of leftover gel. I choose to store it in ice cube trays and whenever I need some gel for my hair, I would pop out about 4 ice cubes, thaw it out and and apply it to my hair.

Also after boiling the flax seeds , most people would throw them out however, I also freeze these in ice cube trays. Whenever I’m making my breakfast smoothie I would grab a couple cubes and blend before I add my bananas. Flaxseeds add a punch to my morning smoothies and it also reduces wasted no need to throw away the seeds after making your gel!

How to make flaxseed gel

Boil 2 cups of flaxseed gel in 8 cups of water until the gel has reached your desired consistency then strain for the gel.

100 coat of flaxseed gel for natural hair | How to make flaxseed gel

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  1. Cant wait to try…my hair used to be super long and thick..then afterwards i applied chemical,which i regret..the hair loss began and i stopped with the chemical.
    Been having it natural for 3years now..and its making really slow improvement..
    Kindly help

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