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Naturally curly hair is winning everywhere, in the Caribbean where I am from, it is finally getting onto mainstream media and I am even seeing more acceptance in China where I currently live. I want to use this section of my website to talk about natural hair topics that can help you on your journey.

I never thought that sharing about my own hair and journey would help others. But I have found out through my Youtube channel that there are many people all over the world who are not only interested in my hair regimen but, they are also eager to know more than I had ever planned to share.

Natural Curly Hair ife360TV

I hope to share, natural hair care products that I use and you would be surprised to find out that I like to keep things simple. It’s just how my brain works, when it comes to my curly hair, too many things really trip me up. Also, I will share with you some of my go-to natural hairstyles. Some that are for an easygoing everyday look to my go-to hairstyle for work and play such as my braid outs and twist outs.

Growth Challenges

From time to time we will have growth challenges and we would love for you to be a part of it. Our latest growth challenge is with my DIY fenugreek oil. Try it out for 90 days I am also posting updates to the hair growth challenge and feel free to leave feedback.

Taking Care of Your Hair

The more I discover the beauty of my natural hair, the more I fall in love with it. From deep conditioners, trimming my hair to how I cleanse it, preventing breakage, moisturizing my hair and scalp,  I really take you on an adventure with my curly hair and hopefully you come out on the other end learning something to help manage yours.

Homemade Recipes and DIY Videos

I love making DIY, natural hair masks with everyday household items, oils and butters that aid in rejuvenating your curls, giving them more life, shine and bounce. My favorite foods that I use for hair masks are aloe vera, moringa, mango, banana, flaxseed and coconut. Especially because I come from a tropical country, Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean my ingredients are geared toward that region, however, I am always open to trying something new like turmeric and fenugreek.  I also love a good hair spritz and I have fallen in love with rosemary and fenugreek spritzes as a staple in my hair regimen.

Hair loss

I suffered a lot with hair loss over a period of years that I was able to solve. In fact, I have a Part 1- where I let you into my struggles with PCOS and how it can make hair loss very prominent, Part 2 where I talk about removing my amalgam fillings and the effects, Part 3  talks about progesterone and hormone that can cause hair loss if its levels are low in your body.

Curly Hair Growth

Of course, when you go through a series of hair loss, you want to regrow your hair. Whether it might be new growth from your scalp or to lengthen your hair, this is where I introduce my hair growth oil that I use religiously! It is not the only way to grow hair that I have found to be effective, that’s why I also love aloe vera juice. It is an overlooked nutrient dense plant that we should incorporate into our weekly regimen.

ife360tv hair growth

Fun Hair Videos

In these hair videos I really thank my subscribers but also find a way to make it fun and entertaining. Some of these videos, like my 100 coats of flaxseed video have racked up crazy views, I’m just saying 😉

You can find out about my curly hair regime and favourite ways to take care of it by reading more and visiting my Youtube Channel ife360TV.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I too am I lifelong natural. And I came across you through google because I’m at a place where I want to do things differently so as to achieve stronger, bigger, and healthier hair. So I am looking forward to trying out your techniques. Also I am really encouraged by your welcoming personality.

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