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Welcome to Naturally Curly ife360TV’s website! Thanks for stopping by! Just in case you are wondering about my accent, I am from Trinidad and Tobago. Initially, this website was created to accompany ife360TV’s Youtube videos to give extra information relating to Natural Hair, Natural Health and some of my travel around the world.

Why I created ife360TV

I have always had naturally curly hair, I never chemically altered it however, I never took good care of my hair. A few years ago, I started changing the way that I treated my hair, I gave it some TLC and my hair began to flourish. My family members began to notice the difference in my hair growth and began bombarding me with questions, almost everyday!! Eventually, I decided to start a Youtube Channel called Naturally Curly ife360TV that has been gathering a significant following since 2015.

What to Expect

Additionally, I created videos and DIY tutorials as a resource for women who have naturally curly hair whether you have hair type 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b or 4c. Some of the videos that you will find in this series include but are not limited to DIYs with aloe, rosemary, mango, coconut oil, flaxseed, growth oils, trimming, how to make your own shampoo. How to detangle natural hair, how to do a basic braid out, twist outs and much more.


I tackle some natural hair issues that women silently deal with which include combating dry hair, moisturizing, hair loss, retaining length, growing longer curly hair and how to use essential oils like peppermint for natural hair care.

Whether your hair is coarse or fine you can benefit from the information in these videos!

I also talk about the effects of hormones like progesterone and how I balance my hormones naturally and its effect on our bodies and hair growth.

Our team is growing. Our team of strong, centred women who believe that they were born with a head of hair that is enough to define their own personal beauty standard. That’s the message I want to pass on, that we are enough. Because we truly are.

I hope that you stick around to experience what I have to offer in the natural hair space.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. Thanks again for stopping by ife360TV’s website!

5 thoughts on “Naturally Curly | ife360tv

  1. Hi! My name is Karen Gardner !
    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel! I made your Rosemary and Fenugreek spritzes- just wanted to know if It makes a difference whether you apply them cold or room temperature ?! You mentioned that they should be stored in the fridge, so when it’s time to use it is quite cold!
    Please let me know if it matters!
    Thank you for giving me confidence to continue on my hair journey! You make it a fun experience!

    1. You can apply it cold, however, if you prefer, you can also take it out of the fridge for an hour before you need to use in order to bring it to room temperature. Continue to enjoy your hair journey!

  2. Hi .. I’m Sheila. A few of us got together & decided we want to do the 1yr Hair growth challenge with you but dont know how to register or get involved. Can you please tell me? Probably gotta do step by step. Im a dinosaur

  3. Hi! I enjoy your videos and decided to participate in the 1 year ayurvedic hair challenge. Today I washed my hair, deep conditioned it, then used the LOC method to seal in the moisture. L-fenugreek and aloe juice. O-mixture of oils infused with amla, fenugreek, garlic skin, onion skins, moringa, brahmi, etc. C-conditioner free of parabens, silicone, mineral oil, sulfates, dyes, etc. Then I massaged my hair with my electric massager. Will try to upload a pic. 🙂

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